Important message: If you updated to iOS 10 your iPhone may experience intermittent connectivity issues

“Important message: If you updated to iOS 10 your iPhone may experience intermittent connectivity issues. You can temporarily resolve this by restarting your device. We will notify you immediately when an update is available.”

Oops. I updated two days ago even thou my coworker had mentioned a ton of people are having issues. I told him “I like to live dangerously” 

I experienced the connectivity issue today when I received a phone call at work. I had 3 bars but the call was cutting out. I hung up and called back on a land line and there were no issues.  Later I received another phone call on my iPhone and there were no issues. 

Apple is suggesting a reboot as a temporary fix. 

Is Uber Pool dangerous or unsafe? 

I personally have not used the UberPool option since it became available but upon the features announcement I wondered about passenger safety.  An Uber ride is already a very personal interaction, and there are certain etiquette rules in place to make it pleasant for all parties involved. 

Can you imagine an Uber pool ride home from the club or bar at 2am with two drunken parties meeting for the first time, and the driver being caught in the middle of a conflict? 

After talking to a number of Uber drivers I realized that my suspicions were correct, UberPool can and often does cause unsafe situations between multiple passengers and drivers.  Of course this is nothing new in the “sharing economy”. 

What is your experience with Uber Pool so far? Please leave a comment below. 

You are, at this very moment, bustling with data (location, age, primary mode of transportation, gender, browsing history, heart rate, race, IP address, browser, operating system, cervical mucus, cholesterol level) that can be used to better understand you.