Marathon on Skateboards

Yesterday, for the 4th year in a row, I participated in the Adrenalina skateboard marathon held on Fiesta Island in San Diego.


This year I was more involved than ever before.  My media company became an official sponsor and worked to promote and raise awareness around the event.

My girlfriend, Dr. Alexandra Myers, was the onsite doctor from San Diego Sports Medicine.  She treated injured and fatigued athletes.

People often inquire why I choose to compete in the event and if one leg gets really tired from all the pushing.  For me, in many ways, the challenge of completing the marathon is a metaphor for the accomplishment of life goals. Each race means going through the process of pushing through pain, doubt and fear on my own two feet.

Skateboarding is a sport that teaches persistence, patience, creativity and how to deal with physical pain.  I recommend it to everyone for a way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically.

How to deal with life’s problems and challenges. Learn the Response Factor

Life is a flow of events and the flow of these events never ends.
We can’t predict with certainty how those events will unfold.  So how are we to produce results that we want that is regardless of events or circumstances?

Learn about the response factor

E + R = O 

Event + Response = Outcome

These are the basic building block of life.

Events = We do not control events.  “I don’t control events”

Response =  We do control the response to the event.

Outcome = We don’t control either.

Take time to see the events clearly.  Then determine and know what result you want to produce.  This means you have to manage the Response.

We cannot control other people or events but we can manage the response.