Website Designer and Developer in San Diego

As a San Diego website designer and developer I work to harness the skills and disciplines needed for the production and maintenance of websites and online media. Including graphic design, interface & user experience design; authoring and publishing, usability & accessibility code standards, and search engine optimization.

I have contributed to and managed projects from initial idea, concept to design, build to testing, launch to maintenance. Often working with a team although I am capable of covering all the aspects of the web design process.

I am also knowledgeable in hosting and server environments. And can troubleshoot failures and server outages, and problem solve to bring sites back online or clean up hacked websites.

In my career so far I have been lucky to work on projects with a variety of clients: corporations, magazines, small businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, DJ’s, saxophone players, doctors, dentists, lawyers and beauty pageants. Check out a few older examples of my work and more recent projects below.

Recent Website Projects

My role in creating these websites and applications is the coder; building the final product from a mocked up design, deploying live to production, and optimizing for performance.



2017 and Beyond